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Decision on joint financial system

A decision has now been taken which means that LiU will procure one financial management system to handle all financial processes.

Extended steering groupLiU currently uses three different systems for the different financial processes: Palette for electronic invoice management, Proceedo for procurement, and the Agresso financial management system.

“We want to have a combined, user-friendly support system for all financial processes,” says Chief Financial Officer Agneta Frode Blomberg. “At the moment the users have to switch between the different systems and interfaces instead of, for example, the HR system where there is one gateway for everything.”

The decision was made after a workshop with an extended steering group (picture). The group comprises Chief Financial Officer Agneta Frode Blomberg, Chief Information Officer Joakim Nejdeby, Head of Department Per-Olof Brehmer and Heads of Administration Lena Bernström and Anne-Li Silberk. Also participating in the workshop were University Director Kent Waltersson, Head of Department Christina Ekerfelt and Senior Coordinator Gun Djerf.

“The group recommended that we conduct our own procurement to get one system,” Ms Blomberg says. “The suppliers we currently have framework agreements with are unable to deliver this. What we want is a standardised solution from one supplier who is used to working with large organisations or government agencies.”

There are both benefits and drawbacks to having a joint system, but the workshop group concluded that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks. Occasional users gain increased access and a better overall view of all the financial operations, and a single system is more efficient in terms of resources and reduces the amount maintenance and administration.

And the agreements with Agresso and Palette are not fixed-term (something required according to the public procurement act); the agreement with Proceedo expires in 2018, and with Agresso the version used by LiU will not be supported by the supplier for much longer.

“We are in a position where we have to take a holistic approach to this,” Ms Blomberg says. “And many people see the benefits of one system for every process.” 

The new financial management system is a major project that will run for a number of years, affecting many members of staff.

A requirements analysis forming the basis of the invitation to tender will be ready in the spring of 2015. Making the decision about the supplier is planned for after the summer; later, during the autumn, implementation can begin. Then there will be many people who need training in the new system.

“In January 2017 we are planning to start the financial system, it being most suitable to do it at a year end,” says Ms Blomberg. “Currently we don’t know when the other elements can be added, but it will happen gradually. And it will be a long, long, long project!”

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