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LiU for a better environment


As a seat of learning, Linköping University has responsibility for the development of a better environment and long-term sustainable social development. LiU is working actively with environmental issues through research into the environment and sustainable development, offering a range of environmental study programmes and individual courses relating to the environment, collaborating with trade and industry, the public sector, charitable organizations and the general public on environmental issues and by adapting its own operation to the environment.

LiU was ranked as 20th-best environmental university in the world 2013!

2013 was the fourth consecutive year that the Indonesian university, Universitas Indonesia conducted environmental and sustainability rankings among the world's universities and the second year that LiU participated. A total of 300 universities from about 50 countries registered. The survey covered issues of sustainability and environmental issues on university campuses and how universities work with these issues on an overall plan for both teaching and research.

In addition to a number of Western European universities, even universities from Japan, USA, Chile and South Africa participated in the rankings. The University of Connecticut, USA, finished top followed by University of Nottingham, UK.

The reasons for achieving such high position in the ranking are several. LiU work with very specific issues including for example expanding our recycling efforts, good practice in the lab, a bicycle-friendly campus, environmental considerations when travelling and energy efficiency. In 2011 we have introduced carbon offsetting for air travel. All business flights are subject to a fee equal to the fee charged by the external climate compensation models and the money is subsequently used for internal climate measures.

LiU is part of a region that is extremely good at sustainability. There is a well-developed district heating system, we have world leaders in the development of biogas and the region retain a strong environmental technology industry.

Our campus restaurants offer fair-trade and organic food, we have green student associations, and the Akademiska Hus (the largest property company in Sweden) that proactively work with environmental issues during construction.

Our rector Helen Dannetun is also aware of the importance that the university continues to invest in environmental and sustainability issues and she highlights them as an important element in teaching.

LiU number one regarding eco-friendly attitude in the International Student Barometer (ISB) 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013!

International students appreciated Linköping University’s eco-friendly attitude very highly. In fact Linköping University received the highest mark of all educational institutions in the ISB for its eco-friendly attitude. In other words we have the most satisfied students if it comes to how we take care of our environment.

Walk the Talk

Please visit our environmental exhibition Walk the Talk that illustrates some of the environmental work at LiU. The exhibition is comprised of stations at selected places and in selected buildings around the campus area. The stations represent some of the sustainability and energy efficiency measures that have contributed to our high rankings.

Walk the talk



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