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Night-time closure, 23.00-05.00

With effect from 1 February 2020, Linköping University will be closed at night, between 23.00 and 05.00, seven days a week. (The University Hospital Campus will be closed to students 22.00-06.00).

Exemptions can be made for co-workers in special cases when work at night is necessary, such as when conducting a long-duration experiment, or for professional contact with people in other parts of the world. Such exceptions, however, must be limited, justified and approved by the co-worker’s immediate superior.

Exemptions can be made by the course supervisor for students for study-related activities such as timetabled course components (e.g. long-duration experiments), and study-related contact with people in other parts of the world. In addition, exemptions can be granted for students through the Room Booking, Examinations and Timetabling Office for activities related to student life, such as events arranged by a student union and formal dinners.


Complete the questionnaire to apply for an exemption.


Contact the Room Booking, Examinations and Timetabling Office to apply for an exemption


Applying for an exemption

  • Plan important work that cannot be interrupted such that there is no risk of it extending beyond 23.00. Apply for an exemption if this is not possible.
  • The exemption must be approved by your immediate superior (for co-workers), course supervisor (for students, for study-related activities) or by the Premises and Technical Support Office (for larger events such as a formal dinner or an event arranged by a student union).
  • An exemption is granted for a limited period, and no general exemptions valid until further notice will be given.
  • Apply for an exemption well in advance, at least three working days before it is required.
  • The university may temporarily suspend the LiU Card of anyone who breaks the regulations. Examples of breaches are using the premises as overnight accommodation, consuming alcohol on the premises, admitting unauthorised persons, lending a LiU Card to someone else, and occupying the premises outside opening hours without an exemption.
  • The security service patrols the premises during the night-time, and will check during its patrols whether exemptions have been granted for anyone found on the premises.

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Last updated: 2020-01-14