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Responsibility, roles and organization

The environmental work at LiU is organized at two levels. One level is LiU-wide and emanates from the management and administration, the other level is within the departments and units. The LiU-wide work is carried out in part within a joint collaborative organization for Linköping University and Östergötland County Council, SAMS (see below).

LiU-wide level

The Rector is ultimately responsible for LiU's environmental work, but has delegated the management responsibility for day-to-day work on environmental issues to the Deputy Registrar. At University Services, staff work directly with environment-related issues within the task Environment and security. Environmental goals and proposals for large-scale changes are developed by staff working on the task, and is then sent out for comment to the environmental coordinators at the departments, prefects and the Central Collaboration Group. Environmental goals and major decisions are then laid down by the Rector after being discussed in the University Management Advisory Board.

In departments and units

The head of department (prefekt) or corresponding person in each department and unit is responsible for the environmental work. Support is provided by appointed environmental coordinators and representatives for special issues such as waste and chemicals handling.

Collaboration Group for Working Environment, Environment and Security (SAMS)

Since 2008, Linköping University and Östergötland County Council have agreed to collaborate on issues relating to the working environment, the environment and security in a special organization, SAMS.


In addition to what has been described, people working within cleaning and technical services, as well as people working within research and teaching deal directly with issues relating to the environment, for instance waste handling, energy issues, chemicals handling and the environment in teaching.

Contact information

If you have any questions about LiU's environmental work, please email miljo@liu.se or contact one of the following persons:

Environmental Strategist

AnnaKarin Unger
telephone: +46(0)13-28 66 21
e-mail: annakarin.unger@liu.se


security manager

Annevi Fredäng 
telephone: +46(0)13-28 23 40
e-mail: annevi.fredang@liu.se 


coordinator environment and safety

Helena Tegehed Dahlin

telephone: +46(0)13-28 17 40


coordinator Chemicals management

Kristina Orselius
telephone: +46(0)13-28 20 33
e-mail: kristina.orselius@liu.se


coordinator Biosecurity

Charlotte Immerstrand
telephone: +46(0)13-28 58 16


coordinator Laboratory safety and Environment

Hanna Wessman
Telephone: +46 (0)13-28 15 64
e-mail: hanna.wessman@liu.se


coordinator fire safety

Vacant, please contact Annevi Fredäng


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Last updated: 2018-04-26