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Environmental policy at Linköping University

As a seat of learning, Linköping University has a responsibility for the development of a better environment and a long-term, sustainable development of society.

The environmental policy at the university shall apply to all activities, which means that activities must be carried out with regard to health and the environment, must comply with current health protection and environmental legislation by a good margin, and must be constantly improved in order to reduce the burden on health and the environment.

Through its education of students and research activities, the university has great potential to contribute to sustainable development. Students at the university must be given the opportunity and encouraged to learn enough in this important area so that they can contribute to environmental work in their future places of work. Environment-related research shall be carried out in order to ensure good environmental competence, and research in general shall be encouraged to include environmental impact. Similarly, the university shall contribute to the development of knowledge on environmental issues through contacts with industry, the public sector, non-government organisations and the general public. The university must also reduce the environmental impact of its own activities.

Environmental adaptation shall be conducted on the basis of what is technically possible, financially reasonable and environmentally justified. Environmental adaptation shall include the minimisation of waste and emissions, economising of resources and energy, and environmental requirements must be applied in the procurement and planning of reconstruction and new construction at the university.

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Last updated: 2016-03-01