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Rules for the LiU-card


  • The card should be handled with care!
  • The card is your personal identity card as student (student's ID) at LiU and may not be misused!
  • The card is your "key" to the university facilities and should be treated as such!
  • Card and PIN-code must not be kept together!
  • The card is personal and may not be lent to anyone!
  • Do not let anyone unauthorized into the university with your card!
  • A lost card must be reported immediately!
  • You are required to be able to show your LiU-card to a security guard or other person authorized by the university!

Rules for use of library card:

  • I have read the rules for use of the library card "Lånevillkor, ordningsregler…" and promise to abide by them!

  • You are required to be informed of current rules which are posted at www.liu.se/personal/liu-kortet/!
  • If you break the rules or the card is misused it can be taken into custody by a security guard or other person authorized by the university for further investigation!

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Last updated: 2009-11-11