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Where to use the LiU-card

Access card

The card is an access card at the university. The common access (which all employees gets) opens the main entrances to houses A, B, C, D, G and Key according to the following map:

Campus Valla
LiU-kortet tillträde











Yellow = doors where the LiU-card works


Campus Norrköping

Campus Norrköping








Copy- and printcard

The LiU-card is used to log on to the university's copymachines and printers. Read more about the printing system here.

Library card

The LiU-card works as a library card at the university's libraries.

Bus card

The LiU-card for employees can be used as a bus card on LiU's own bus line Campusbussen. Employees may only use the Campus Bus for work-related travel.

Sports card at LSIF

The LiU-card can be used as a membership card at Campushallen, Campus Valla.

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Last updated: 2020-10-20