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Graphic Identity Guidelines

On this page you can read about the graphic identity of Linköping University (LiU).

Graphic identity guidelines

The graphic identity guidelines should be used for all materials produced at Linköping University. Read about our brand, logotype, typefaces, business cards, templates for Word and PowerPoint, e-mail signatures, etc. Templates and logotypes can be downloaded below.


Download templates and logotypes

LiU's visual vocabulary

Images are a fundamental part of the university’s communication. Images convey feelings, and the images we use play a large part in how we are perceived. For these reasons it is important that the images we use accurately represent us.




Linköping University uses four typefaces: Korolev LiU, Miller, Georgia and Calibri. Korolev LiU is the identity-bearing typeface (read more in the Graphic Identity Guidelines).

Korolev LiU (in Medium and Bold) is distributed automatically to all computers with an AD number (see label on computer).

Communication Officers in need of the typefaces Korolev LiU (Light and Thin) and Miller should contact the local account manager, most of whom can install packages from the LiU Active Directory services. If your department does not use AD, ask your software coordinator to contact grafiskmanual@liu.se.

KorolevLiU medium and bold is also available for download for all employees.


We are LiU - staff and students tell their stories

We continue to develop the LiU brand. At We are LiU, staff and students talk about what motivates them and how they experience Linköping University.


Questions? Contact us

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We work with the LiU Brand and graphic Identity

Mariethe Larsson, Director of Communications

Caroline Westroos, Brand Manager

Peter Modin, Art Director

Jenny Widén, Communicator and Designer

Maria Karlberg, Communicator and Copywriter

Aferdita Arnryd, International Marketing

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Last updated: 2018-10-19