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A common email signature for Linköping University

All employees should use our common e-mail signature. A common signature projects a consistent brand image, which in turn strengthens our brand.

The purpose of the signature is partly to give the recipient your contact details and information about your role, and partly to present a good image of LiU to external parties.

If you have a Windows- or Mac-based computer that is connected to LiU’s central directory services (if so, your computer has an AD number on a sticker) the signature will be distributed automatically. You only need to edit the address details and specify which signature you want to use as default. If you use another computer system, you have to add the signature yourself.

The signatures are available in Swedish and English. Match the version to the language you're using: don't mix Swedish and English in your signature.


Questions on the signature? Contact the Helpdesk.

Questions? Contact us

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We work with the LiU Brand and graphic Identity

Mariethe Larsson, Director of Communications

Caroline Westroos, Brand Manager

Peter Modin, Art Director

Tobias Örberg, Communicator

Aferdita Arnryd, International Marketing

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Last updated: 2020-06-04