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Legal Advice

The Legal Office at LiU handles most legal issues of importance to the University, such as contract management, legal counsel and information to the management, teachers, researchers and other employees at LiU. This may include questions regarding the settlements of disputes or risks assesment of legal issues.

Contract management covers areas such as negotiations and advice in the drafting of agreements with companies, research institutes and other public bodies all over the world. For assistance with contracts we will be most accessible through avtalsgranskning@liu.se.

All legal advisers at LiU have a broad general knowledge and can give advice on overall legal and contractual issues. Since there are many different areas and some questions are more frequent than others we have however divided the main tasks between us into focus areas as follows:

Martin Putsén - Overall management of the Legal Office, larger research contracts and business law, intellectual property law, administrative law, IT-law and public access to information.

Anna Maria Lindgren - Legal questions regarding contracts, administrative law and labour-related legal issues.

Elisabet Permvall - Legal questions regarding personal data and the GDPR as well as public access to information.

Willy Skogelin - Legal questions regarding personal data and the GDPR as well as public access to information and contracts.

Maria Skoglund - Administrative law such as public access to information, the Discrimination Act and questions related to foundations.

Kristina Sundström - Contracts and business law as well as intellectual property law including trademarks.

Anna Süpke - Legal questions regarding personal data and the GDPR, contracts and administrative law

Caroline Taube - Larger research contracts and business law, intellectual property law, public procurement, administrative law, legal questions of financial nature and questions from the students’ unions.

Jenny Wäsström - Legal questions regarding public access to information, contracts, the ethical framework and administrative law.

Malin Wahlberg - Contracts and business law, legal questions of financial nature and intellectual property law.

If you have any legal questions or need legal advice, feel free to contact us (see details in the list on your right).

What kinds of contracts are handled by the legal advisors at LiU?

Useful legal information/links


Government offices of Sweden

Swedish legislation

Swedish Council for Higher Education

Swedish Higher Education Authority

Legal information - Linköping university (UHR)

Legal information - Linköping university (LiU)

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Legal Advisors

Martin Putsén
(Head of Legal Office)
Room: D:333
Tel: 013-28 2766

Anna Maria Lindberg
Room: D:341
Tel: 013-28 2718
E-mail: anna.maria.lindberg@liu.se

Elisabet Permvall
Room: D:333
Tel 013-28 4412
E-mail: elisabet.permvall@liu.se

Willy Skogelin
Room: D:341
Tel: 013-28 6656

Maria Skoglund
Room: D:333
Tel: 013-28 6670
E-mail: maria.skoglund@liu.se

Kristina Sundström
Room: D:341
Tel: 013-28 4069
E-mail: kristina.sundstrom@liu.se

Anna Süpke
(on extended leave)
Room: D:333
Tel: 013-28 2781

Caroline Taube
Room: D:341
Tel: 031-28 6941
E-mail: caroline.taube@liu.se

Jenny Wäsström
Room: D:341
Tel: 013-28 2708

Malin Wahlberg
Room: D:341
Tel: 013-28 2744

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Last updated: 2020-09-21