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IT for LiU co-workers


IT information has moved

The IT Division's information has been transferred to the new LiU intranet where only emplyees have access. Click here to visit the IT information.
To keep up with IT-related news, we recommend adding IT as one of the news sources you follow on the LiU intranet's start page. By doing that you get the latest updates from IT, and other sources on the intranet, that you choose that you want to see. If you fail to read an article from the sources you follow, a summary will be sent out regularly via email from the sender SharePoint Online.

Operational status

Serious disruptions can be viewed in full at the following locations:

Liunet for co-workers
Service website

Information on planned work can be found on status.liu.se.


Popular pages

Where to find the information now: Two-step verification Teams (including information about breakout rooms) Zoom (including information about raising hands) IT Helpdesk 


MinIT - ("My IT")

Service website's guides

Tele.liu.se - redirection and telephone services

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Last updated: 2023-01-02