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IT for LiU co-workers


Operational status for IT systems

Ikon dator märkt med en studentmössa

IT in education

Lisam, computer-aided examination, recording studios, Zoom.

Ikon dator märkt med vetenskaplig ikon

IT for research

IT tools and services to support research activities.


Ikon livboj


Contact the IT Helpdesk when you need help with IT related issues.

See your support cases in the Service web.



Ikon med förstoringsglas.

Self service

Ikon glödlampa (idé)

IT courses

Internal IT courses and tips (content mainly in Swedish).


Ikon hänglås

IT security

Simple measures that you can take to improve IT security.


Ikon pratbubblor

Online meetings & outside the office

Tools for when you need to work outside of office or organise online meetings. 


Ikon kundvagn

Purchase & lend

Ordering equipment and equipment available to lend.


Ikon jordglob

Internet & cloud services

Information about networks and recommendations on cloud services.


Ikon dator

Computer, file storage & software

Available software and tools for employees, and instructions on file storage.


Ikon för användare

Your account

Information about your user account, types of accounts and information about forgotten password.


Ikon telefon

Telephone services

Telephone guides, service information and telephone policy.


Ikon för skrivare

Printouts, copying, scanning & fax

Information about Eduprint and the functions of the printers.


Ikon e-post

E-mail & calendar

Access to webmail, how to sync calendar in the phone and e-mail signatures.


Ikon resväska

IT while travelling

Routines for travelling and things to think about regarding IT while travelling. 


Drop in with IT and Didacticum educators


News from the IT division

Zoom logo.

Choose your own breakout room

As of version 5.3.0 of Zoom it’s possible for the host to allow participants themselves to select the breakout room they want to enter, instead of being assigned to a room by the host.

Portable green screen.

Borrow green screens and microphones

There are now portable green screens and USB microphones available for loan from the IT Division. Use the form on the service website in LiUdesk to make a request.

Illustration of a video call on a mobile phone.

New telephony supplier

LiU’s new contract for telephony services will come into force in February 2021. Telenor has been awarded the contract. Several of the requests that co-workers have put forward will be met in the new contract.

Doodle logo.

Now possible to connect calendars to Doodle

LiU has opened the possibility to connect calendars to Doodle. The connection makes it possible to use several functions in Doodle, and makes it easier to respond to enquiries about bookings. At the same time, it is important to remember that the supplier has the technical ability to gain access to all the information in your calendar.

Zoom logo.

Passcode or waiting room for all Zoom meetings

On 27 September, Zoom will change the standard settings for meetings and it will become compulsory to use either a passcode (previously known as a “meeting password”) or a waiting room. Meetings that do not have either of these will automatically have a waiting room assigned to them.



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Last updated: 2020-10-01