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Add printers on Mac

You can add printers manually to your Mac for RICOH printers (eduPrint) with an app. An alternative that doesn't require manually adding printers is to use the eduPrint-LiU printer queue and retrieve your prints at the printer using your LiU card. Read more about printing and copying.

To add printers manually: download the app below and run the .pkg file. After the installation is complete, you will find LiU Printers in the Applications folder (click on the menu Go > Applications).

When the application is launched for the first time it will verify the installed printer drivers. If this verification fails, the application will ask if it should install the corresponding drivers for the installed operating system. System requirements: 10.9-10.13.
Would you only like to install the drivers, please install and run this application once for the driver installation to finish, then disregard the application.

What is the name of the printer?

Choose the campus where the printer is located. You are also requested to choose the size of the printer. The number denotes the type of printer (1= compact, 2 = standard, 3 = high performance). The size number is included in the printer name; e.g. EDP-LiU-V-2-001. The name of your printer is located on the front of the printer on a white label with a blue border.

The first letters in the printer name stand for Eduprint, followed by University code, and the third letter represents each campus (Valla V, US U, Norrköping N, Lidingö C). The last three numbers identify an individual printer. This information will help the support personnel if an error report is filed for a particular printer.

See images of available printer types.

Web print

As an alternative to installing the printer, you can upload documents for web printing at the eduPrint printing portal PaperCut. Choose Web Print in the menu. If you want to print from another device you can connect it via Mobility print guides.

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Last updated: 2019-06-25