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Printouts, copying and scanning

Through an agreement with RICOH, LiU supplies a common printing solution for employees and students with printers and copiers. 

Guides for the printers

Instructions and guides will be available at the LiU helpdesk support portalUseful guides:

Posters with short instructions

The posters are in A3 size. Feel free to print them in colour and put up adjacent to the printers.

Names on printers

The convention by which the printers are named is of the form EDP-LIU-V-3-234.

The first letters stand for Eduprint, followed by University code, and the third letter represents each campus (Valla V, US U, Norrköping N, Lidingö C). The first number denotes the type of printer (1= compact, 2 = standard, 3 = high performance). The last three numbers identifies an individual printer. This information will help the support personnel if an error report is filed for a particular printer. 

The name of your printer is located on the front of the printer on a white label with a blue border.

The user interface of all types of printers are the same.

Kompakt skrivare (storlek 1) Standardskrivare (storlek 2) Högprestandaskrivare (storlek 3)
Compact  (size/type 1) Standard (size/type 2) High performance (size/type 3)

Getting started with eduPrint

There is also a printer queue called eduPrint. If you use this queue, the document is not printed out immediately but it is queued, and you can retreieve the printout from any multi-function printer you choose.

Before you can use any of the multi-function printer functions, you must log on.

Logging on the multi-function printers can be done with either LiU card and your PIN code, or alternatively with your LiU-ID and password.

Place your LiU-card on the black card reader located to the right of the display. Swipe the card and then enter your PIN code..

If you do not have your LiU card, instead enter your LiU-ID and password on the printer screen in the respective fields.

Go to the LiU-ID page (only available in Swedish)

Go to the LiU card page

Submitting error reports

Reports of problems should be made to the LiU-IT Helpdesk at 013-28 2828 or via e-mail to helpdesk@liu.se. You can also file a report using the web page. The helpdesk will forward the error report to the RICOH technician in charge of LiU’s printers and copiers. RICOH is responsible for refill of paper and toner, which the subcontractor Samhall carries out.

Send an e-mail to helpdesk@liu.se

Go to the error report form

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Last updated: 2019-01-11