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Telephone conference calls and video conferences

LiU offers a telephone conference system using Microsoft Teams, which makes it very easy to hold telephone and video conferences.

The only things that the participants need to know are the telephone number to call and a conference ID, which is found in the meeting invitation you create. It is also possible to join using a computer by link from the meeting invitation. In this case, it is possible to share and view the computer desktop, to send chat messages, use video, etc.

Create a conference invitation

See instruction provided by Microsoft here (both Windows and Mac), or follow the detailed instructions in our information page on Teams.

Booking conference speakers

Speakers for a video conference or telephone conference can be booked from the reception desk in the B Building, Entrance 27, in Linköping. It is also possible to send email to helpdesk@liu.se. Specify your contact details and the time at which you need the speakers.

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Last updated: 2019-06-17