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Telephone policy

Telephone service is essential for the University's accessibility and service, and properly functioning telephone services are an extremely important channel for incoming contacts. The experiences that people have when trying to make contact are of great importance for how the University is perceived by the community at large. It is therefore of great importance that departments and units establish and maintain a service level that fulfils both internal and external requirements for accessibility.


Fixed telephony

Fixed telephony constitutes the basis of telephone services at LiU. All employees should have access to a fixed telephone unless special circumstances apply.

MEX telephone

Switchboard-connected mobile telephones provide a good telephone solution for employees who need to be available for contact at times when they do not have access to a fixed telephone.

Mobile contracts

Separate mobile phone contracts shall only be used in cases when the MEX connection is not working or in situations when being available for contact outside of the workplace is temporarily required.


Every department/unit should be reachable via fax.


Every department/unit is responsible for the telephone services within the unit. This responsibility includes establishing a level of service that corresponds to the individual department's/unit's needs and the demands from other university bodies, including students, as well as the community at large. Guidelines should therefore be established for:

  • Telephone service
  • Referrals
  • Voice mail

In addition, the department/unit is responsible for:

  • Ordering telephone services for employees
  • Informing the switchboard of changes within the unit
  • Communication of telephone policy within the unit
  • Appointing contact person to receive information regarding telephone matters

Rules for telephone use

  • Telephone services are intended for use when staff are in service; however, they may also be used for private purposes to a limited extent.
  • Payment services via text message may not be used for private purposes.
  • Work-related trips paid via text message shall be specified in a travel expenses account.
  • Because of the cost, mobile calls and particularly mobile broadband should be used sparingly abroad.

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Last updated: 2017-10-30