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Information about your new telephone

The telephone is primarily an aid for employees in their work, and the university has drawn up a policy for how it is to be used.

Some important points from the policy:

  • The telephone is the property of LiU and is to be returned to the university when employment ends.
  • Calls to a work telephone may not be forwarded to a private telephone for an extended period.
  • Private use must not lead to additional costs for LiU. It is thus not permitted to use private services that are invoiced separately from the services covered by the subscription. Examples of such invoiced services for which private use is not allowed are payment services, foreign calls and roaming.

More information is given in the FAQ and the LiU telephone policy.


With effect from 1 January 2018, all new mobile units are registered in a database for administration purposes. The database (a mobile device management system, MDM) will also enable an inventory of existing units to be kept. More information is available here.


TeLEphone services/Problems

Contact Teleservice


+46 (0)13 28 44 00


Calling SOS

MEX/Mobile: 112

Fixed phone: 0+112



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