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Telephone services

Teleservice can assist you with:

  • Installation, relocation and change of your internal telephone extensions
  • Reporting errors with regard to telephones
  • Changes in the telephone directory. Please inform Teleservice of any changes, including staff substitutes, leave of absence or other changes, for input into the phone registry.
  • Sales of telephones and accessories. We sell telephones, fixed telephony, cordless and analogue. Various types of headsets, mobile phones, accessories to mobile phones, including desktop chargers and bags.

Contact Teleservice

+46 (0)13 28 44 81

+46 (0)13 28 44 83

+46 (0)13 28 44 85



Rental of conference telephone

You may borrow a conference telephone free of charge from us. Use the form on the service website in LiUdesk.

Rent a mobile telephone

Do you need a mobile telephone for the day or for a week? You can rent it from us, with a contract. Contact the switchboard for booking and more information.


TeLEphone services/Problems

Contact Teleservices
013-28 4481/4483/4485



SOS: call 0+112 if you have a fixed phone; call 112 on a mobile or MEX telephone. 



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