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Switchboard operator services

The switchboard operators can assist you with:

  • Booking conference calls
  • Redirecting your telephone
  • Directory enquiries
  • Rental of conference telephone
  • Rental of mobile telephones

You reach the operator by calling 9 (fixed telephone) or 1000 (MEX telephone).

Booking conference calls

Telephone conferences are a good meeting form that supplement face-to-face meetings. Our operators can assist you to connect a telephone conference immediately. Maximum of 8 participants per conference. A telephone conference can be carried out with participants within LiU, Sweden, abroad, and to mobile phones. There is no additional charge besides the actual costs of the calls to the participants. An internal invoice is then sent to the person who initiated the conference call.

For assistance with conference calls, e-mail us at telefonist@liu.se. State the participants' names, telephone numbers and which time you wish for them to be called.

Redirect your telephone

When you wish to redirect your telephone for reasons for absence other than those that can be done from your own telephone, please call the switchboard. There are instructions in the telephone guide as to how to redirect or forward your telephone. The online link to the guide is found in the right-hand menu.

Directory enquiries

Our operators can assist with directory enquiries. Call the switchboard.

Rental of conference telephone

You may borrow a conference telephone free of charge from the switchboard.

Rent a mobile telephone

Do you need a mobile telephone for the day or for a week? You can rent it from us, with a contract. Contact the switchboard for booking and more information.

Telephone services

Teleservice can assist you with:

  • Installation, relocation and change of your internal telephone extensions
  • Setting up voice mail box
  • Reporting errors with regard to telephones
  • Changes in the telephone directory. Please inform Teleservice of any changes, including staff substitutes, leave of absence or other changes, for input into the phone registry.
  • Sales of telephones and accessories. We sell telephones, fixed telephony, cordless and analogue. Various types of headsets, mobile phones, accessories to mobile phones, including desktop chargers and bags.

You are welcome to visit the switchboard to see the products we offer.

Contact Teleservice

+46 (0)13 28 44 81

+46 (0)13 28 44 83

+46 (0)13 28 44 85



Call switchboard internally: 9
Call switchboard from mobile telephone: 1000

Call externally: 013-28 10 00


Email switchboard




013-14 94 03


Tepehone services/Problems

Contact teleservice
013-28 4481/4483/4485



SOS: call 0+112 if you have a fixed phone; call 112 on a mobile or MEX telephone. 



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