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Telephone guide for mobile phones

Content (shortcuts)

  1. Making calls with the assistance of the automatic operator
  2. Redirect your telephone
  3. Call transfer
  4. Call back if engaged or for no answer
  5. Calling SOS Alarm emergency services
  6. Direct dialling


1. Making calls with the assistance of the automatic operator

Call 6666 and say the name of the person you want to be connected to (internal calls). The automatic operator will repeat the name, if it is incorrect say NEJ [no], if it is correct, wait to be connected. Do not speak too slowly, but try to speak clearly. 


2. Redirect your telephone

Redirection is only active for the landline number (013). Calls to the mobile number will go through.

Redirections made via a telephone apply from the time they were entered. Absence can be reported to the switchboard in advance - call 1000 (013-28 10 00). The operator enters the absence in the redirection computer, which will redirect the connection at the relevant point in time. 

There are three ways to redirect your telephone.

  1. Via keypad.
  2. Via automatic operator.
  3. Via switchboard.

2.1 How to redirect your telephone via the keypad

Make a redirect via keypad

  • Call 490
  • Wait for the dial tone
  • Dial code (see below)
Back in an hour *23*1#
Back the next workday (weekday) *23*2#
Sick *23*3#
On leave of absence *23*4#
Returning at (24hr time). 13:45 is the time in the example. Change to your preferred time. *23*1*1345#
Returning on (date). January 25 is the example. Change to your preferred date. *23*2*0125#
Back at work - cancel the redirection #23#
  • Wait for redirection tone (broken tone)
  • Hang up

Absence messages for sick and leave of abscence are set until further notice and must be cancelled upon return.


To make a quick redirect, use one of the QR codes below, which will prepare the right codes for your call. 

Scan the QR code below with in camera mode on your phone. Tap the notification that comes up when you scan the code to make the call.

Or add the number as a contact in your address book. To add a comma (a pause, wait for dial tone), hold *

Back in an hour


QR-kod för att genomföra hänvisning att du återkommer om en timme.

Back the next workday (weekday)


QR-kod för att genomföra hänvisning att du återkommer nästa arbetsdag.

Back at work - clear redirect


QR-kod för att rensa hänvisning. Du är åter anträffbar.

2.2 How to redirect your phone via automatic operator (from personal extension)

  • Dial 6665
  • State the details regarding your absence according to the below:
    • Återkommer klockan (24 hour time, e.g., 14:30) [Returning at]
    • Återkommer den (date, e.g., 15 December) [Returning on]
    • Sjuk [Sick]
    • Tjänstledig [On leave of absence]

The automatic operator shall repeat how the message was understood. If it is correct say nothing, if it is incorrect say NEJ [no] and try again.

Cancelling the redirection

Dial 6665 and say RADERA [erase].


2.3 Via switch board

Call internally 1000 (013-28 10 00).


3. Call transfer

Analogue telephone (type Response)

  • Ask the person you are speaking with to wait
  • Press R
  • Dial the desired extension or 9 for switchboard
  • When answered, inform that the call is being transferred
  • Hang up

If engaged or no answer

  • Press R again

The original call is retrieved.


4. Call back if engaged or for no answer

This service is only available for connections through the switchboard, not external numbers.

  • The engaged tone or ringing tone is heard
  • Press 5
  • Hang up

The command applies for two hours.

When the line becomes free or when the intended recipient lifts the handset, a short rapid ringing tone is heard. Lift the handset and the intended recipient is called. If you do not lift the handset within 8 seconds, the rapid ringing tone ceases and the commanded call back is cancelled.


  • Lift the handset
  • Dial #37# (all call backs)
  • Dial #37*extension# (one of several call backs)

5. Calling SOS Alarm emergency services

Dial 0 + 112


6. Direct dialling

Campus Valla +46 (0)13-28 + extension number
Campus Norrköping +46 (0)11-36 + extension number
Faculty of Health Sciences +46 (0)10-103 + extension number
LiU switchboard (internal) 1000
Voice mail 8930

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