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Mobile device management system (MDM)

A system for the management of mobile units was taken into use in the middle of January 2018, and enables those responsible for telephones within a department to obtain an overview of its units. There is no noticeable difference for employees when they receive a new unit (mobile telephone or tablet computer).

The IT Division on 15 January 2018 took into use a system for the management and inventorying of mobile units, known as a mobile device management system (MDM). All new mobile phones and tablet computers purchased after 15 January 2018 will have MDM software installed. Each department must decide whether to include existing units purchased before 15 January 2018 in the MDM.

In the same way as LiU’s computers, all newly purchased mobile units will be recorded in a central database. Those responsible for purchasing in a department will be able to use the system to maintain better control over the number of units in the department and their lifetimes.

An employee who receives a new unit will not notice anything. The unit can be used normally and, for example, the user’s Apple-ID will be used, and any freely chosen apps can be installed on it. In order to increase security, however, the IT Division will configure the unit to require a six-digit PIN number (screen lock).

Information to which LiU will have access in the MDM:

  • Model number and serial number
  • Operating system
  • Name of apps
  • Owner and unit name
  • Location of the unit in the event of its loss.

If a telephone is lost or stolen, the IT Division can now help to lock it, activate tracking, or delete its contents. The function that tracks a unit’s location is otherwise not normally activated.

Information to which LiU will have never access in the MDM:

  • Call history and browser history
  • Email messages and texts
  • Contacts list and calendar
  • Password
  • Photos stored on the unit.

Add your unit to the MDM

Applicable for units purchased before 15 January 2018.

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