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Purchasing telephones and accessories

The following procedure is to be followed when ordering telephones and accessories:

Telephones are to be ordered by IT personnel through Raindance. When a co-worker needs a new telephone, send the order to inkop@it.liu.se. A technician will then be responsible that the telephone is delivered and installed for the user.

Subscriptions and telephone repair will continue to be managed by teleservice@liu.se.

A purchase order must contain:

  1. Approval from an authorised purchaser who has responsibility for economic matters.
  2. Name of activity to be debited and, where relevant, accounting number.
  3. The LiU-ID of the person who is to have the unit. If this person does not have a LiU-ID, the name must be given.
  4. The model of telephone required, selected from the standard range. Storage capacity, accessories, etc.
  5. Accessories if relevant (the purchaser may have to contact you if the order is unclear).

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Last updated: 2018-10-05