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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a chat function and the ability to create online meetings (similar to Skype for Business). It also makes it possible to collaborate and communicate in workgroups. It is not necessary to create a team in order to create online meetings, see the availability status of other people, or start a chat.

A team may be public, in which case anyone within the organisation can join, or private, in which case only the team owner(s) can invite new members to join. It is also possible for an owner to invite participants from outside LiU to become guest members of a team and gain access to its contents.

The Teams app should be pre-installed on your computer. If this is not the case, install it using MinIT (for PC users) or Jamf Self Service (for Mac users). It is also possible to use the web-based version, which can be accessed through the top menu in Lisam. Teams is also available as an app for a smartphone.

Online meetings and chat


It is not necessary to create a team in order to send a private message to another person or group at LiU. Just as in Skype for Business, you can simply open a chat and start communicating with one or several people.

It will only be possible to reach external contacts who use Skype (not Skype for Business) for chat and conversation through the Skype client, after the transition to Teams at LiU. It may be that such users will be integrated into Teams, in which case it will be possible to reach them there. This depends on decisions Microsoft take concerning development. It is possible to contact other external contacts who use Skype for Business and/or Teams via Teams.

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Online meetings

Schedule online meeting in Teams

Use the Teams app on your computer or mobile device to create a meeting. It is possible to include not only contacts within LiU but also external contacts. It is not necessary to publish a meeting in a chat or team channel, select the alternative “None (optional)”.

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Schedule online meeting in Outlook

PC: In the calendar view, click on Teams meeting. In the email view, use the New items button, then Teams meeting.

For Outlook on PC - show guide.

Outlook for Mac: This possibility will soon be available after an update of Outlook. Create a new Outlook-meeting. In the meeting window, you then choose to add Teams meeting in the menu bar. The link that is required to connect online and a telephone number are then added.

Outlook for Mac - show guide.

More features for teams

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Create teams and keep the dialogue alive using channels.

When you create a team, a general communication channel is created, where any member can create a new thread. It is also possible to create subchannels for communication around various topics. Co-workers can label channels that affect them directly as favourites, and read other channels as necessary. Conversational threads in the channels can be used by all members to follow a dialogue and keep an overview of the ongoing discussions.


It is possible to link OneNote notebooks to a team, in order to store shared notes from, for example, meetings.

Project planning

People who work in projects can use Microsoft Planner and link it to their team. In Planner, it is possible to create tasks, schedule their termination dates, and assign them to members of the team. All members of the team can gain an overview and follow the progress of the project.

Access to Lisam document archives

If you already have a collaboration interface in Lisam, it is possible to display the document archive in Teams and in this way gain access to it easily, if it is relevant for the particular team.

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Last updated: 2019-03-29