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The instructions below is aimed at co-workers at Linköping University. Students who need remote access, see guides on this page.

When using VPN a tunnel is created between your computer and LiU's network. All traffic that is destined for LiU is sent through the tunnel, and applications running at LiU see the computer as being connected to LiU's network.

NOTE! To access, for example, the File Storage (Fillagret) off campus, you need to connect via VPN. If you have files saved on Onedrive or locally on your computer, you do not need to use VPN to access files.

FortiClient VPN

To use the VPN service, run the FortiClient software. Use SSL-VPN with connection to "remote.liu.se" (port 443).


  • Check if FortiClient is installed by looking for it in the Start Menu. The application is also available for installation in MinIT (My IT).
  • Guide: Install FortClient VPN outside of LiU (PC)
  • Manual installation (requires local admin) can be made according to the this instruction.

  • Manual installation via the Microsoft Store (doesn't require local admin) can be made according to this instruction. 


Install FortiClient from Self Service (can be found in the dock or via Spotlight-Search).

Guide: Connect to VPN with FortiClient (Mac)

Guide: Manually install FortiClient VPN


Most distributions have openfortivpn as packages, documentation is available here.

Some distributions, such as ubuntu, have a plugin that integrates with network manager. See the knowledge base article about VPN on linux for more information.

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Last updated: 2020-07-27