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Get started and explore the IT services at LiU

Linköping University welcomes you as a new employee. On this webpage we have collected information to help you get started with the services that the IT Division provides. For further help beyond what is given in the guide, contact the LiU customer centre by telephone at 013-282828, through the web-based online system in LiUdesk, or visit us on Campus Valla on the 2nd floor of the G Building, Entrance 81.

Min IT

The “Min IT” website contains several IT-related functions. Here you can, for example, change your LiU account password, change the profile picture that is displayed in your employee profile, and install approved programs on your computer (PC users). Mac users install approved programs using the pre-installed program Jamf Self Service.

We recommend that researchers provide their ORCID in MinIT: it will then be displayed in the employee profile.

Important! Make sure to fill in your visiting address under My profile. This information is shown on your employee page on liu.se and is used both for internal and external purposes. If you switch office location you have to update this, since it's not automatically generated.

Syncing email and calendar in your mobile

Several guides are available in the IT Division's guide forum, including, for example, how to set up email and calendar in your mobile.

Information about your new telephone

The telephone is primarily an aid for employees in their work, and the university has drawn up a policy for how it is to be used.

Read the information concerning new telephones.

Read the university telephone policy.

Wireless connectivity

Employees should use the secure WiFi network Eduroam. To access this network, you have to create a separate password, which you only have to enter the first time you log in.

  1. Go to MinIT  
  2. Log in with your LiU-ID (example: liuid12@liu.se).
  3. Click on Create New Password in order to generate a password.
  4. Select the Eduroam network in your device and log in with your LiU-ID and the password you have generated.

Visitors to the university can use the LIU (Netlogon) network. It is, however, necessary to log in every time you want to access this network.

Printers and printing

Printing with eduPrint-LiU

The recommended method to print is to use the printer queue eduPrint-LiU, which stores your print job in a queue until you request that it be printed. When you want to collect a print job, find the multiprinter on which you want to print and use your LiU-card to log in to this printer.

  1. Place your LiU-card onto the card reader, located to the right of the display. Then specify your pin code and login.
  2. Select the button “Print release” to view your queued print jobs and approve them for printing.

If you don’t have a LiU-card available, you can enter your LiU-ID (user name) and password in the fields on the printer screen.

Printing directly on the closest printer

Locate the printer that it closest to you and note its name. This is stated on a label on the actual printer, on the upper left corner on the front. Each printer has a unique name e.g. in the form EDP-LIU-V-3-234.

Where can I store files?

Email signature

You can create an email signature consistent with the Linköping University graphic identity in Outlook on a Windows computer (see instruction) or with the aid of the LiU Outlook Signature Generator (Mac). This is available among the programs installed on your computer.

IT courses

Do you want to become more proficient in a particular area? The IT Division offers several training courses to help you work in the most efficient manner. These include courses in Word, Excel, presentation technique, and how to structure your work. 

IT security

Report all forms of infringement, attempted infringement, undesired email, internet abuse, etc., associated with Linköping University to the LiU Incident Response Team. Make such a report if you have been subject to such an incident at the university or if you suspect that someone at the university is engaging in behaviour that affects you.

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Last updated: 2019-10-15