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Spam (unwanted email)

The IT Division's Incident Response Team (IRT) handle complaints concerning unwanted email (spam) and is responsible for the university's central spam protection system.

In addition to unwanted commercial email, we consider fraud and phishing (attempts to trick you into giving up sensitive information) attempts to be spam as well.

Report spam

Students and staff at Linköping University can report spam they receive to IRT. However, keep in mind that you may end up on a company's mailing list when you download software or register on their website. Such email is generally not considered spam, and reputable companies will have a mechanism through which you can opt out of their mailing lists.

Note that abuse of course- and program mailing lists should be reported to abuse@liu.se.

Report spam by fowarding the entire message, including headers, to spam@liu.se. Headers contain information about the message and are necessary to handle your report. If you use an email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird, the easiest way to send report spam is to send it as an attachment to a message to spam@liu.se.

See our instructions:

Report misclassified email

If you receive email that is incorrectly classified as spam, follow the instructions above but send the report to nonspam@liu.se instead of spam@liu.se. In order to handle your report we will need all the headers from the message; see the instructions for reporting spam for details on this. We do not need the contents of the message.

When you report a misclassified email, the chance that similar messages are classified correctly will increase, but it may take a large number of reports before this change is noticeable.

Note that in most cases mail incorrectly listed as spam has not been misclassified by SUNET's email filter, but classified as spam by your email software. When this occurs, mark the message as non-spam (or non-junk) in your email program.

Spam protection

The main protection against spam that is sent to LiU is SUNET's email filtering service. This service tags messages that appear to be spam before they are delivered to the university. After that it is up to each individual what to do with tagged messages.

If your email is handled by the university's central email server, SUNET's email filter protects your account. Additionally, several departments and associations at the university use the service.

Since SUNET's email service bases its classification of email on user experience, among other factors, you can help make it work even better, by reporting spam that hasn't been correctly classified.


View information about SUNET's email filter


Send email to spam@liu.se
Send email to abuse@liu.se

Spammers, please send email to: catlover31@it.liu.se

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