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Ikon resväskaIT while travelling

LiU's guidelines for safe travel are mainly focused on travelling abroad, but many tips are useful to have in mind for all travel. Information related to IT is translated below.

Computers, tablet computers and mobile phones

Consider how to store portable computers, tablet computers, mobile phones and other types of mobile units. Such equipment is theft-prone, and often contains large amounts of information.

If these items are lost, stolen, or destroyed, this may seriously harm the purpose of the journey and constitute a safety risk with respect to the information that has now gone astray. The following precautions contribute to limiting the damage:

  • Make a back-up copy of your portable computer and telephone before departure.
  • Remove from the unit any confidential information, and/or encrypt the computer’s hard-disk and/or important documents.
  • Take important documents with you in several forms, such as both on the hard-disk and on a USB stick.
  • Take a printed copy of the telephone’s contact details with you.
  • Theft-prevention labelling may be a deterrent.
  • Use a discrete rucksack or bag to carry your computer.
  • Do not leave items of value, including computers and telephones, unattended.
  • A safety lock or cable for a computer may protect against impulse theft.
  • Use a password for logging in.

LiU’s Guidelines for safe travel are available here (PDF in Swedish).

In case of theft

Stolen telephone: see instructions here.

Stolen computer/tablet: contact asset@liu.se to get assistance.

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Last updated: 2019-03-01