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New login for Adobe ID

The IT Division plans to change the username of people who have a licensed Adobe account, starting 3 May. The change is necessary for technical reasons.

Around 600 people will be affected, and they will receive more details by email from the IT Division. The change will be introduced in phases, and users should not do anything until instructed to do so by email from the IT Division.

In practice, the Adobe licence will be disconnected from the account that uses your email address as username (firstname.secondname@liu.se) and it will be assigned instead to an account based on your LiU ID as username (liuid11@liu.se). Those who are affected must create a password for the new account after the change has been carried out.

The licence itself will not be changed. You will still have access to the same software.

The reason for the change is a change to the way licences are assigned. This has until now been a manual procedure, where the email address was used as username. The assignment now takes place automatically based on LiU ID, and accounts that have previously been assigned licences under the old system must now be managed using the same format as new accounts.



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