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Time for two-step verification

Illustration of person holding a cellphone in front of a laptop. The computer has a request for two-step verification. The mobile phone displays a notice approving two-step verification.Two-step verification will be activated for LiU accounts during 2021 (applies to employee accounts, not decision accounts or other accounts). A schedule with the last activation date is available. Keep in mind that you can already activate two-step verification you do not have to wait.

University services (UF) has been the first to activate two-step verification and has now completed the process. A survey has been sent out to those who have activated to receive feedback. Based on that data, some adjustments have been made in the activation guide to make it easier for those who activate in the near future.

– The survey shows that it has generally gone well for UF to activate two-step verification. The answers for how the process of the activation went are predominantly positive. Those who have encountered problems have received good help from the IT Helpdesk, says Andreas Larsson who is system administrator and the project manager for the activation.

What is two-step verification and how do you activate it?

Why two-step verification?

Two-step verification will increase security when logging in to LiU accounts when not on campus, and will help to prevent accounts being compromised or misused.

When two-step verification is active, you will receive a notification in the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile when you try to use your LiU account to log in to any of the LiU IT services from an unrecognised device (such as your own computer). If the login is authentic, you continue by a simple tap in the app. If someone else is trying to log in to your account, you receive notification about the login attempt and can prevent it.



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