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Safe charging at home

For obvious reasons, facilities for managing equipment at home are not always as advanced as at the office. Maybe you work at several locations, and store and charge your equipment at different places. The IT Division provides here advice for managing equipment in a safe manner.

Illustration av en arbetsplats hemma: skrivbord med dator samt bokhyllor, kalender och kaffekopp på bordet.Mobile phone chargers: never charge your phone close to anything flammable. Don’t leave the charger connected to the wall socket for long periods unattended. Use brand-name equipment.

Computers: remember that computers must have ventilation to prevent overheating. Don’t have any flammable material on, under or close to your computer for an extended period. Switch the computer off when not using it. Old computers collect dust and overheat more readily. The IT Division recommends in general that laptops are exchanged at intervals of 3-5 years, depending on how much they are used.

Miscellaneous advice:

  • Use only chargers ordered through the IT Division (brand-name chargers) for telephones and computers.
  • Place equipment on a solid surface when charging – not a bed or sofa.
  • Check that the charger and cable are not damaged. Contact the IT Division if the charger or cable is damaged to obtain a new one.
  • Disconnect the charger from the wall socket when charging is complete.
  • Install working fire alarms.
  • Charge equipment while you are awake and present, and not in the vicinity of flammable material.
  • Use an earth-fault circuit breaker, and replace broken electrical contacts.

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