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Change your SIM card when LiU switches provider to Telenor

(Updated 2020-12-17 08:19)

When LiU switches telephony provider on 3 February, co-workers who have a subscription with LiU’s current provider, Tele2, will have to change their SIM card.

LiU currently has four types of subscriptions with Tele2:

  • Telephony subscription (which this message concerns)
  • Tvillingkort (Twin card): If you have this type of subscription, you will receive a separate message via email.
  • Mobile broadband: If you have this type of subscription, you will receive a separate message via email.
  • M2M/IOT subscription: If you have this type of subscription, you will receive a separate message via email.

When is the switch?

On 3 February 2021, LiU will switch telephony provider to Telenor. In conjunction with this, you will have to change the SIM card in your mobile phone. If you don’t change your SIM card, you will not be able to make calls, send text messages or surf the internet (after the change takes effect).

Delivery of SIM cards

Your new SIM card will, well in advance of the switch, be sent to a contact person at your department (or similar), who will ensure the SIM card is delivered to you. The packages containing the SIM cards will be clearly marked, to ensure correct delivery.

Install the new SIM card on 3 February or thereafter. This way the subscription will be operational when you install the new SIM card. Ahead of this date, Telenor will send you a reminder by text message.

Things to keep in mind when replacing your SIM card

  • Ensure that your contacts are still in your phone, before you discard the old SIM card. If you need help with transferring the contacts from your old SIM card, contact the Helpdesk on 013-28 28 28 or visit one of our service points on Campus Valla and the University Hospital.
  • iPhone users do not have to move their contacts, because iPhones do not store contacts on the SIM card.
  • To access the SIM card, you will need a paper clip or similar tool.

This page will be updated regularly, with the information you require: New telephony supplier 2021. The page has been updated with information about contacts for the switch at your institution.

How will the change affect me?

Will I be able to keep my current phone number?
Yes, your landline (011-36 XXXX or 013-28 XXXX) and mobile numbers will not change.

I have activated two-step verification on my LiU account. Will I have to redo the activation process, after changing my SIM card?

Will I have to back-up my photos etc. on my mobile phone?
No, they are saved on the phone’s internal memory. But it is a good idea to back up your files frequently.




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