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Microsoft Video to be discontinued - Stream new tool

(Updated 2020-11-30 16:05)

Microsoft is discontinuing Microsoft Video and the replacement tool for this will be Microsoft Stream, which is available today.

This decommissioning means that LiU's material needs to be copied from Video to Stream in order for the material to continue to be used. This copying will take place on 9 December. After 8 December, Microsoft Video will no longer be available for use. Movies contained in Video are automatically copied to Stream and made visible 9 December.

In places where you have linked to material in Video, these links work for 1 year - a redirection takes place. However, it is good if you update the links in the near future when copies of the videos are available in Stream, otherwise there is a risk that it will be forgotten and your links will suddenly not work after a year.

The permissions of the material you set are inherited from Video after they have been copied over to Stream, no changes are required.

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