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Breakout rooms now available in Teams

Break a meeting up into smaller groups, discuss and reconvene.

A function is now available that allows a meeting organiser to break a meeting up into small, temporary group rooms, known as breakout rooms. The function is a beta version and may contain bugs, and will be updated if this proves to be necessary. The IT Division has chosen to make the function available at an early stage in order to make online teaching easier.

The participants in a meeting are assigned to breakout rooms to discuss a question or come up with ideas. The meeting organiser can send messages to all breakout room using the chat function of the meeting while the rooms are open, and can see the chat function in the individual rooms. The organiser can also switch between rooms and participate in the discussion. Participants in a breakout room can request that the organiser visit the room if they need help. When the organiser wants to end the breakout room session, he or she can use the chat function to send a message to all rooms to encourage them to round off. The organiser can then regather all participants in the common meeting.

Illustration av person som deltar i onlinemöte.

What does the breakout room function contain?

  • It is possible to create up to 50 breakout rooms from one ongoing meeting. The possibility of preparing breakout rooms before the meeting starts is being developed.
  • It is possible to choose whether members are to be assigned automatically or manually to the rooms.
  • The meeting organiser is the person who can use the breakout rooms functionality. It is not possible for participants to create breakout rooms themselves. At the moment, it is only possible to have one meeting organiser in each meeting.
  • It is at the moment possible to create breakout rooms only in meetings that have been designated “Private” when booked, i.e. not in meetings that have been scheduled using a channel.
  • It is possible to create breakout rooms in meetings using the desktop app on a computer. It is not possible when connecting through a web browser or in the mobile app.

Functions to be added in the near future

  • Create breakout rooms in meetings that have been scheduled using a channel.
  • It will be possible for other people than the organiser to manage the breakout rooms and move between them.
  • It will be possible to reuse rooms in both repeated meetings and in meetings that occur only once.
  • A timer that start a countdown to show when the breakout room will close.

How can I start using this functionality?

Activate the new meeting experience (more information about which is available here) and restart the Teams app.

Make sure that you have installed the most recent version of the Teams app. It will not be possible for the meeting organiser to move participants who do not have the most recent version of the app to a breakout room. They will remain in the main meeting and can hold their discussion there.

How to install the most recent version of the app: Click on your profile picture in Teams to open the menu. Choose “Check for updates”.

How can I create breakout rooms?

At the moment, breakout rooms can be created when the meeting is in progress.

Skärmklipp av grupprum.

The meeting has an icon for breakout rooms in the menu bar. Clicking on this will open a dialogue box in which you can determine whether you will create the rooms automatically or manually, and how many rooms you want to create. When you click to create the breakout rooms, a panel opens at the right edge in which the rooms are displayed. Here you can manually assign participants (if you have chosen this option), open the rooms, and see which participants are in which rooms.



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