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New start page in Lisam

The start page in Lisam will be updated on 22 June, and the presentation changed to give a better overview of the contents of modern collaboration sites and course rooms. These are becoming increasing popular with users.

Increasing numbers of users are starting to use modern sites and rooms for both teaching and other forms of collaboration. The update on 22 June will ensure that contents from these forums is more readily available on the start page.

The section My latest news will display contents from the modern course rooms and collaboration sites of which you are a member, and thus the appearance here will differ from person to person. The start page will also give an overview of the collaborations you are involved with, both those created with the modern template and those created with the classic template. You will also see your most recently visited pages and documents, which means that you can quickly and easily start working again where you last left off.

Your classic course rooms and collaboration sites will still be available. During a transition period, it will be possible to access the old start page from the updated one. Messages and social streams from classic course rooms and collaboration sites will still be shown on the old start page, and will, of course, also be preserved in the rooms and forums themselves.

On the soon-to-be-updated start page, it was possible to create custom shortcuts in the left menu. This is not possible on the new start page. We recommend instead that you create bookmarks in the web browser if you need this functionality. Instructions for this can be found by searching, for example, Google for “create bookmark” together with the name of the web browser you use. Alternatively, contact the IT Helpdesk for help.

A preview of the new start page can be found here.


Skärmklipp Lisam ny startsida.



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