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Screen recording with Microsoft Stream

As an alternative to, for example, PowerPoint, you can now make screen recordings in Microsoft Stream. An additional feature found in Stream is that you can include recording yourself embedded in the video while presenting.

You reach the tool in Lisam, via the menu with the three dots ("App browser"). You can run Stream directly in your browser and don't need to install any additional software. Here is a direct link to apps found via Sharepoint, including Stream.

When you start a screen recording in Stream, you are given the option to choose which screen to record the content (if you have several) or a specific app. You can also choose to record yourself at the same time via eg. computer camera. The image of you ends up in a box in the screen recording that you can move around both before and during recording.

During screen recording, you can pause and resume recording when needed.

The maximum limit for a recording is 15 minutes.

When you are finished with the on-screen recording, you can choose to share it to all or selected parts of the organization using group permissions (such as a group for a course or a department group) or with a team in Teams. You can also download the file if you want to distribute it otherwise.

More information

Add interactivity to Stream-video

Once your video is complete and uploaded to Stream, you can add a form, survey or quiz to the video to engage viewers and provide you with valuable feedback. This option is also available if you upload a file in Stream that has not been recorded there.

Instruction how to add interactivity (Microsoft)

A quick guide to the function:




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