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LiU background for online meetings

Instead of showing your home environment, you can add an official LiU background to use in your online meeting or lecture. In Teams LiU backgrounds have now been added for all at LiU but in Zoom you need to add them manually.

Guide: Change the background for a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Zoom applikationZoom does currently not support the possibility for admins to upload and distribute LiU's background images to Zoom's library for everyone at LiU. But, you can upload LiU background images on your own if you want to.

Download LiU wallpapers from this graphic profile file archive. There you can choose from Oskarpa rek. för Zoom (blurry backgrounds recommended för Zoom), Skarpa bakgrunder (sharp backgrounds) or Filmade bakgrunder (video backgrounds). Blurry backgrounds may be a better choice if you haven’t got a green screen.

  • To change your background in Zoom, open the app and click on the gear icon.
  • Go to Virtual background. A library of images added from Zoom can be found there.
  • Click the plus icon next to the images to upload an image.

In this video, Zoom shows you how to create the best conditions for using a virtual background (play from 0:36 onwards).

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