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Non-verbal feedback in Zoom meetings

It can be difficult to allocate speaking time in a meeting with many participants, and difficult to get the host’s attention. Non-verbal feedback (including raising your hand) is a function that can help to ease such situations. It is now available for Zoom users at LiU.

The non-verbal feedback function is now available for Zoom users at LiU. The function enables participants in a meeting to use a visual signal to gain attention or provide feedback. The actions possible include raising a hand, applause, and selecting a yes/no alternative when the host poses a question. The interaction is shown in the Participants list.

Participants in the meeting must open the Participants list to gain access to the function, and it’s a good idea to remind them of this. The keyboard shortcut for raising you hand is ALT+Y (PC) or Option +Y (Mac). See more keyboard shortcuts here. In the Zoom app on a mobile phone, the function for raising a hand is under More.


Screen capture from Zoom showing non-verbal feedback icons.

This is what the feedback icons look like for a participant in a meeting. Hosts can't raise their hand in their own meeting and therefore don't see raise hand icon.

Use the Participants list

It’s a good idea for the meeting host to have the Participants list open, to be able to see if/when reactions arise. An example of how it works is available here. If several people raise their hand, the one who did so first is shown at the top of the list.

In contrast to the Reactions function, a non-verbal feedback interaction does not automatically disappear after a while. The participant or host must select lower hand after the question has been posed. The host can also select Clear all, to remove all current interactions.

Switch off function

It is possible to switch the non-verbal feedback function off for your user account, if you do not want to use it. Click on this link and scroll down to the User section. There, instructions and a link are available for the account member.

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