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Some IT tips for the summer

The summer holidays are getting closer. Take some time to prepare your computer and mobile phone – learn some simple advice from the IT Division.

Most incidents with mobile phones on LiU take place during the summer. Take some simple measures to ensure that there will be less trouble if an unforseen incident occurs.

You can probably find the functions described below on your own. If not, don’t hesitate to contact the IT Helpdesk who can help you.


  • Make sure that your files have backup (preferably that they are regularly backed up). Information on how to store your files.
  • If you use public wireless networks it is worthwhile to use a VPN connection for a safe use of the network traffic (note that there is a new VPN client in use since spring 2020). An alternative to using public wireless networks is tethering from your phone.
  • If you need to read your email during the vacation but don’t have access to your LiU computer , it’s always possible to access your email from any browser, via lisam.liu.se/mail.
  • Remember to have an active absence message for your email during your vacation.

Mobile phone

  • Make sure that your images have backups (preferably that they are regularly backed up).
  • Make sure you have a password or pin code to unlock your phone.
  • Open the app “Find My” (previously "Find my iPhone") and turn it on (if you have an iPhone). Android phones often have a corresponding function, but it differs depending on the model. More information about Find My from Apple.
  • Since many people live a more active life during the summer holidays, there may be a point in obtaining a protection for the mobile phone - see order form.
  • To check how much surf you have left on your LiU phone, text DATA to 243.
  • An auto reply status in your email doesn’t automatically give a redirect on your phone, so please also redirect your telephone. The redirect is active for calls on the fixed telephone number. Calls and SMS for the mobile number comes through.

General information

  • If your computer or mobile phone is stolen you can read here what to do.
  • Note that it is not allowed to let someone else borrow your computer or mobile phone (not even family members) according to LiU's information security guidelines.


☀️ The IT Division wish you all a nice Summer! ☀️

Mobiltelefon på färgad bakgrund.



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