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Guidelines for information security updated

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The guidelines have, among other things, seen updates in the information classification model, which has enabled increased freedom for the use of cloud based services. The entire document is now also available in English.

Chapter 1 contains a description of LiU’s models for classifying information assets and IT equipment. Since many guidelines refer to the classifications, this chapter should be read. Chapter 2 contains guidelines for information security that apply to staff, consultants, and others who work for LiU. The chapter is intended to be independent of subsequent chapters. The guidelines are binding.

Approved cloud based services can be found here.

Consult the document

The document in its entirety is available in the LiU electronic code of rules and procedures: Guidelines for information security (in Swedish). The English version of the document is available here.

About the guidelines

The guidelines have been defined by LiU’s IT security group based on the needs and conditions within the organisation, legal requirements, external analyses, general risk analyses of LiU’s information assets, and an analysis of past incidents.

The word “guideline” is to be interpreted strictly. Unless explicitly stated the guidelines are binding when handling LiU’s information.

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