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Inactive Teams groups to be removed after 1 year

Teams groups and other types of Office365 groups will be automatically removed after one year of inactivity, starting on 1 May 2020.

If a group has not shown any activity for one year, an email will be sent to the person or persons registered as group owner. The email will state a date on which the group will be removed, and will make it clear that it is possible to activate the group in order to retain it. If none of the owners take action in response to the email, the group will be automatically removed on the date specified.

Owner(s) of a group will receive reminders before it is removed (30 days before, 15 days before and 1 day before). Once the group has been removed, it is possible to restore it during the following 30 days, after contact with the IT Helpdesk.

What will the removal process affect?

  • When a group is removed, all material related to it, such as the team in Teams, the Sharepoint page, calendars, OneNote notebooks, etc., are removed.
  • Course rooms and programme rooms in Lisam will not be affected and will not be subject to a limited lifetime.

Andreas Larsson, system managed in the IT Division, comments on the change:

“We have seen the number of teams increase, and a clear acceleration has occurred after distance mode was activated. Few groups are terminated, despite long periods of inactivity. By introducing an automatic removal procedure, we ensure continuous clearing such that the performance of our systems during synchronisation is not impaired. It also counteracts a tendency that all the good names are already taken.”



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