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Information about MyAnalytics

Microsoft MyAnalytics provides statistics about, for example, how you work, and identifies the disturbances you experience when not attending meetings booked in Outlook. The function is, however, not comprehensive and can be disabled by those who do not want to use it.

MyAnalytics is one of many tools included in the Microsoft Office365 package, and has been designed to help users gain insight into their way of working. It can also give advice about how to work in a more focussed manner, and achieve balance in working life.

The information is based on your use of the Microsoft services, and this means that it does not always give a comprehensive picture. Many users work in systems not provided by Microsoft, for example, or use a physical calendar rather than Outlook. This means that the statistics provided give only an approximate indication, and they may be totally misleading for certain users.

The statistics produced are not available to the IT personnel or your colleagues at LiU. They are sent only to you.

Some people find the information useful, while others do not want to use it, and prefer not to receive email with these statistics. If you do not want the function to be active, it is possible to disable it. Information about this is given in this guide.



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