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Digital collaboration platforms now private only

To ensure information security, all digital collaboration platforms in Microsoft Office apps will be created as private. Collaboration platforms may be made public to all LiU users only after approval by the IT Division.

A collaboration platform may be, for example, a team in Microsoft Teams or a plan in Planner. A public collaboration platform can be seen by all students and co-workers at LiU. Anyone can join such a platform without approval from its owners. Content placed onto the platform (documents, chat threads, images, plans, etc.) can be accessed by everyone at LiU. This brings the risk that information is made available for which this must not, or should not, occur.

With effect from 9 December, all collaboration platforms that users desire to be public must be approved as such by the IT Division. If a user attempts to create a public collaboration platform after 9 December, its status will be automatically changed to private, unless approval for the public status has previously been obtained from the IT Division. If needed, send a request via this form.

Existing collaboration platforms will be changed to private by the IT Division in early 2020. If you want to change the setting yourself, see the links below.

Sharing a private collaboration platform

If you want to make it possible for others to share a private collaboration platform, give them the link to it through another channel (email, chat, etc.). This will allow anyone at LiU send a request for access. Such requests must be approved by the owners of the collaboration platform. It is also possible to invite others to the collaboration platform directly from the platform.

Administrate a group/team

Create a private team

Change a public team to private

Change a public group to private (in Outlook web mail)

Add people to your team (Microsoft Teams)

Add members (co-workers at LiU).

Add guests (people outside LiU). Guests don't have permission to add guests.



Contact the IT Division's Helpdesk.

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