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More structure, less stress

Learn how to create more structure and less technology stress in your everyday work. Here are some ideas.

  • Chose to check your email and messages when you want to and are able to. Put specific times into your calendar to check email and collaboration forums. Between times, work in a focussed manner on the day’s tasks.
  • Set up notifications in Outlook and Teams to suit you, and fit in with your way of working. When correctly set up, notifications can be a help, not a disturbance in your work.
    Change notifications in Outlook (guide in Swedish).
    Manage notification settings in Teams:
  • Collect information about planned tasks in one place, rather than trying to remember them, or writing them down in various notebooks or on post-it notes. You can collect such information in the “Tasks” function in Outlook, in Microsoft Planner, or in Microsoft ToDo.
  • Start your day by reviewing the events planned for the day or week. Did you know that you can choose that the calendar is displayed when you open Outlook, and not your inbox? Then you can decide whether to read email now, or wait until later. Instructions for this: in Swedish and in English.
  • Collect all your notes in one place, and make them searchable. Even text in figures can be made searchable, if you put them into OneNote. You can create several books in OneNote and save your notes in a well-structured manner. OneNote is available as a desktop app, a mobile app, and can be reached through Lisam from any unit.
  • Are you to lead or participate in an online meeting, and feel insecure about using the technology? Create a test meeting, invite a colleague to join, and get online before the real meeting, in order to explore the functions. Find out where and how to adjust sound and camera settings, should this become necessary. Sound is important in online meetings: test with a colleague whether the quality of sound from your unit is OK, and find out how to mute your microphone. In brief: test, test, test.
    And – make sure you have a Plan B. Is it possible, for example, to join the online meeting by telephone?
    About Microsoft Teams.

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IT-utbildningar offers IT courses for employees in several subjects mentioned above. The courses are in Swedish.



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