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Upgrade from Windows 7

Bärbar dator med grafik som visar att Windows uppdateras.Microsoft’s safety updates and patches for Windows 7 will end in January, which means that computers with this operating system will be considered a safety risk. If you are running a computer with Windows 7, contact the IT Division to have it upgraded or get help with decommissioning.

Microsoft has announced that support for Windows 7 (including safety updates and patches) will end in January 2020. The LiU document Directives for Information Security states that the operating system on a LiU computer must be kept up-to-date. When updates to an operating system are no longer provided by the supplier, the equipment is to be decommissioned or updated to a version of an operating system that is supported (which is currently Windows 10), for reasons of safety.

Work to replace Windows 7 has been ongoing for some time, but more than 600 computers at LiU still use Windows 7. In order to ensure that the IT Division will be able to deal with all of these computers before the end of December, it is important that anyone still using Windows 7 contacts the IT Division and books an appointment to carry out an update as soon as possible. It is important that the work with upgrading is carried out in a timely manner, and that a large number of computers do not remain to be upgraded in a rush at the end of the year.

We suggest that you bring your computer in to the IT Division in the afternoon to start the work with upgrading. You will then receive the upgraded computer the following morning. Note that it is important that you bring the computer in personally, in order to ensure, among other things, that files and documents are backed up.

If you have already been contacted by the IT Division, please reply to the email message you have received. If you have any other questions, or want to book an appointment, contact the IT helpdesk. If you are using programs that are not supported under Windows 10, the IT Division will investigate which solution will work for you to ensure that the IT systems at LiU remain secure.

Contact the IT helpdesk


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Last updated: 2019-05-07