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Teams replaces Skype on 15 May

Illustration av dator med chattfönster.Information about how the transition will occur, and how to use the chat function and online meetings afterwards.

LiU will replace Skype for Business with Teams on 15 May 2019, since Microsoft is planning to withdraw Skype for Business. The replacement by Microsoft Teams means that LiU’s co-workers will gain access to a better service with many functions in the same program, which will be improved in the future.

The chat offers greater possibilities for fliexible communication; a chat with one contact remains the same over time, and files shared in the chat are always available in a tab in the chat. It’s also possible to have an ongoing group chat with several contacts. The sound and video quality in online meetings are also better compared to Skype for Business. Have you noticed the smart function of background blur for online meetings?

Learn more information about the functions available in Microsoft Teams

What does the replacement involve?

After 15 May, it will no longer be possible to use Skype for Business for chat or conversations with LiU contacts. Start using Teams now, if you haven’t already done so. It will also be possible to use Teams to reach external contacts who use Skype for Business or Teams.

It will only be possible to reach external contacts who use the consumer version of Skype (not Skype for Business) for chat and conversation through the Skype client (consumer version) after the transition to Teams at LiU. It may be that such users will be integrated into Teams, depending on decisions Microsoft take concerning development. (Follow the case on Microsoft’s user forum.)

When will this take place?

Step 1: 17 April.


It's possible to start the transfer of contact lists from Skype for Business to Teams. You can still use both Teams and Skype for Business.

  • If you want to sync your manually added contacts from Skype to Business to Teams, follow this guide.
  • A telephone number to call in to meetings will be added to Teams online meetings.
  • The telephone number for calling in to online meetings by phone will be a 08 number in Teams. The Skype for Business was a 013 number
  • Everyone who has Skype for Business installed on their computer will have Teams automatically installed.
  • The possibility of booking telephone meetings through the switchboard will be withdrawn on 1 May.

Step 2: 15 May.


The transfer to Teams is completed. Users must start to use Teams.

  • Skype for Business will no longer work for chat and conversations with LiU contacts. Users must start to use Teams. Make sure that you have started the manual syncing of Skype contacts described above under Step 1.
  • From this date, you should create online meetings in Teams. Instructions for how to create meetings. Note that Step 3 on 2 September means that online meetings via Skype for Business that have been created by someone at LiU will not function after that date.

Step 3: 2 September.


Check your booked online meetings.

  • The LiU server with information about meetings in Skype for Business will be shut down. If you have created online meetings in Skype for Business planned to start after 2 September, you must create a new Teams online meeting instead.
    Meetings in Skype for Business that have been created by people in organisations outside of LiU will not cease to function.

More information

Learn more information about the functions available in Microsoft Teams

Attend a course (in Swedish) on Microsoft Teams from the IT Division.

Karin Linhardt 2019-04-10


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