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Automatic screen lock to be introduced

Låst datorWhen a screen lock is in force, you must specify your password or code to log in again when the unit has been standing idle. Using a screen lock is an effective way to maintain high digital security at the university.

The automatic use of screen lock will be introduced at LiU on 20 February as a measure to maintain high digital security at the university. A screen lock will be automatically applied on stationary computers after 10 minutes of inactivity. On portable computers, mobile phones and tablet computers, it will be automatically applied after 5 minutes.

The campuses at LiU are open and the doors into corridors are not locked for large portions of the day. A screen lock is an effective way to keep our equipment and our units secure. The use of a screen lock that is activated when the unit is inactive can prevent passers-by gaining access to sensitive information, using a unit to gain access to LiU’s systems, and using services for which they are not authorised.

It is intended that all LiU units will eventually have automatic screen lock. The screen lock will initially be introduced on the following types of unit:

  • Computers that are part of the AD system
  • Telephones that are registered in the MDM system (i.e. those purchased after 15 January 2018).

Keyboard shortcuts to activate screen lock

Apply the screen lock when you leave your computer unattended! Keyboard shortcuts:

Windows: Windows key+L

Mac: Ctrl+Cmd+Q (for operating systems after MacOS 10.13)

Linux: Super+L (Windows key+L)


Frequently asked questions

Will my programmes and documents be closed when the screen lock is activated?

No, when you log in again, you will be able to continue where you were. You will be logged out of web-based systems such as Raindance and Primula after a certain period of inactivity, just as previously.


Can I change the period of inactivity required before the screen lock is activated?

No, this is a general setting that applies to all co-workers. It has been assessed that a stationary computer may not be left unattended for more than 10 minutes and portable computers, mobile phones and tablet computers for more than 5 minutes.


Will the screen lock be activated while I’m giving a presentation in, for example, PowerPoint?

No. PowerPoint activates what is known as “presentation mode”, and the screen lock is not activated in this mode.


I don’t consider the information on my unit to be sensitive. Must I even so use screen lock?

Yes. Most co-workers handle information that must be protected in some way from unauthorised modification and dissemination. An unlocked computer can also be used to attack other IT infrastructure at the university.


Will automatic screen lock be introduced for the student computers in computer rooms?

The screen lock is already applied on such computers after 10 minutes of inactivity.


What are the grounds of this decision?

New guidelines for information security at LiU were approved on 11 June 2018, replacing the previous guidelines from 2010. Section 6.1.1 of the guidelines specifies that automatic screen lock is to be installed on the computers and other units of co-workers.


Related information

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