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Information about e-maillists to students

Ikon för e-postTo provide a better and more uniform management of email lists for course and program instances, the lists will from VT2019 be based on the same groups that are used in Lisam to handle the course rooms.

This means, among other things, that:

  • The students receiving mass-distributed emails are the same students as those who have access to the course or programme room.
    This is true for both registered students and manually added students.
  • It is now possible to reach new groups of students, such as admitted students. Note that new students don't get access to their LiU mail until they have registered.
  • It is now possible to send email to the teachers of the course or programme instance.
    NB! This applies only to teachers who have been added to the teacher group for that course or programme instance.
  • An email address is based upon the course or programme code, and follows the same naming as in Lisam.
    The format is: [coursecode]_[year][VT/HT]_[XY] where X, Y is a letter or number.
    These can be found in the URL to the course room (https://liuonline.sharepoint.com/sites/738G26/738G26_2019VT_D4/Sidor/default.aspx)
  • The email list can be found directly in the Outlook client on your computer, in web mail (Outlook in Lisam), or in your phone (the Outlook app).

Email lists will function as described above, even if the course or programme instance does not have a course room.


Examples of email addresses for a course instance:

Registered and manually added students: 738G26_2019VT_D4@student.liu.se. Primarily use this list type for mails to students.

Admitted students: 738G26_2019VT_D4-admitted@student.liu.se

Teachers: 738G26_2019VT_D4-teachers@student.liu.se


As soon as students have been registered in Ladok, they will appear in the group ‘admitted’.

N.B.! The group with the suffix -admitted is not primary for email, but an administrative function to give access to course rooms in Lisam. New students at LiU will not gain access to their LiU mail until they have registered. It's is therefore not recommended to use this group for email.

As soon as the students register for the course, they will be moved to the group ‘registered and manually added students’.


All the already existing lists for 2018VT and 2018HT will still work with the same email address as before (and with the same members), but the students on these lists have also received new email addresses.

It is no longer possible to add yourself to these lists.

More information

How to search e-mail lists (in Swedish)



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