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Blackmail by email yet again

PhishingLiU co-workers and students have yet again received blackmail by email. The Incident Response Team at LiU want to warn everyone to be careful.

An email in which the sender claims to have hacked into the receiver’s LiU account with the aid of a virus has again been received LiU co-workers and students. The email message appears to have been sent from the recipient’s own email address, and the sender claims to be a member of an international hacker group that has gained access to sensitive personal information. The recipient is instructed to transfer a large sum of money to a Bitcoin account, in order to delete the sensitive information.

This is a fairly new type of fraud, and the Incident Response Team at LiU is warning everyone to be careful. Many of the email messages have been caught by the LiU spam filters, but not all. Do not hesitate to contact the Incident Response Team if you are unsure about an email message, and need help to assess or deal with this type of email.

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Last updated: 2020-05-04