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Forwarding on e-mail account

Ikon vidarebefordranOn 11/6 2018 the vice chancellor established new guidelines for information security at LiU that replaced the previous guidelines from 2010. As a result of changed and clarified legislation, including GDPR which took effect on 25/5, there are new requirements regarding how email is handled at LiU.

In short, email should be handled in accordance with applicable legislation and other regulations. This means, among other things, that:

  • You are not allowed to forward email from LiU to an external provider
  • You are not allowed to send email with LiU address from an external provider
  • You must use your LiU address for your work
  • Private equipment may only be connected to webmail
  • Some information must be encrypted.

These rules are primarily based on the GDPR. Email almost always involves the processing of personal data, which means that the handling must be done in systems that LiU itself manages or with providers that LiU has signed a data processing agreement with. For example, it excludes the use of Gmail for work. The public access to information and secrecy act also precludes the use of external providers to which LiU has no agreement with.

As a first step in implementing the changed guidelines, the IT division will remove the ability for employees to enable automatic forwarding on their account. All automatic forwarding that is currently active will be disabled on 14/11. The ability to use external providers to send email from LiU addresses will also be gradually reduced.

We recommend that you disable automatic forwarding in well before 14/11, to avoid unexpected changes in how your email works. If you have questions about disabling forwarding, please contact the IT division’s helpdesk at phone 2828 or email to helpdesk@liu.se.

The guidelines as a whole can be found at: 

If you have questions about interpretations of this decision or why this decision was made, please contact IT Director Joakim Nejdeby.



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