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Lab exercises in computer rooms during distance mode

Scheduled laboratory sessions in the LiU computer rooms can be carried out in distance mode by students establishing a remote connection to a computer in the computer room or using their own computers.

Students who want to connect remotely to a computer should visit the following address, and select an available computer: https://rdpklienter.edu.liu.se/

In order to be able to give general information and supervision during the laboratory exercise, students can participate in a virtual meeting room in Zoom, where they can collaborate using the breakout rooms function.

Instructions for supervisors

These instructions are to be used if you want to use Zoom to support the laboratory session.

  • Supervisors can create a Zoom meeting in advance for all participants in the laboratory session. Send an invitation with a link to the meeting to the participants. The laboratory session can be introduced with general information to all students, who are then to conduct the laboratory exercise using breakout rooms in the Zoom meeting. This allows them to work in pairs.
  • The supervisor instructs the students about which computer each lab group is to connect to, to make the log-in procedure simpler and avoid access conflicts. A computer can be used only by one user at any one time.
  • In each breakout room, the student who is logged in to the computer must use the Share screen function to allow the other student in, such that both students can see and interact with the computer resources.
  • The students can use the Raise hand function (found if clicking Participants in a meeting) to request attention and obtain help. The supervisor can move between the breakout rooms to help students.
  • It is important to instruct the students to log out after the session and to check that all have done so. This frees the resources to be used by other courses.

Creating breakout rooms

If you want to manually select which students are members of particular laboratory groups, you must assign them to breakout rooms when the meeting has started. It is also possible to assign students to groups automatically.

  • Manual assignment: Choose the number of rooms and how many students are to participate in each room. Assign the students who are to work together to the various rooms. You can prepare this when you schedule the meeting, not only in the interface but also with the aid of a .csv-file that you have created in Excel. A guide is available here.
  • Automatic assignment: People are assigned at random to groups based on the number of rooms and the number of participants that you have specified.

When the breakout rooms have been prepared, you can open them all with a click. The members of the various lab groups are automatically transferred to their assigned room, and can start work.

Watch a film with general info about breakout rooms

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Last updated: 2020-03-30